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Swami Shraddhananda, Vedanta Society of Sacramento, CA: The style of Conversations is truly very simple. There is no rigidity anywhere. Closer to Bengali. I felt the Master to be more living.

Swami Ritajananda, Centre Vedantique Ramakrishna, Gretz, France: I enjoyed very much the original in Bengali and I felt very sad that this* was missing in the English translation ... You have done a wonderful job. It is easy to read and many people will delight in it in my opinion. *(... Sri Ramakrishna`s sweet, simple and direct words)

Anjit Ray, former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of India: The work is excellent and elegant. The excellence lies in the direct communication of the Bengali words. The elegance lies in your choice of words. You have given the word-for-word English equivalent.

Swami Lokeswarananda, Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture, Calcutta: I`m sure people will like it. Swami Shraddhananda (see above) is a good judge of what a translation should be like. Since he says it`s better ... I`m sure that`s what it is.

Swami Sarvagatananda, Ramakrishna Vedanta Society, Boston, MA: Ramakrishna`s words are `real` not imagined by any third or fourth hand source. `M.` had recorded in verbatim. No other Prophets are set like that.

Conversations with Sri Ramakrishna 

A Special 2008 Publication Announcement Now Available in Five Volume Book Form and on a CD Rom CONVERSATIONS WITH SRI RAMAKRISHNA A new, complete, word-for-word translation from Bengali of M's Gospel Sri, Sri Ramakrishna Kathamrita. PLEASE ORDER THE WHOLE 5 VOLUME SET By Sachindra Kumar Majumdar Click to initiate the buying process on a secure server. $60.00 only including, tax, shipping & handling included VISA/MASTERCARD/ or REGISTERED PAYPAL USERS PC and Mac compatible.
Now you can read the words of Sri Ramakrishna as M. (Mahendranath Gupta) recorded them in his diaries from 1882 through 1886. Conversations With Sri Ramakrishna is a word-for-word translation into English of Ramakrishna's conversations as they occurred. The translation was written out in longhand virtually without erasure or correction and appears in exact form as the translator, Sachindra Kumar Majumdar, took it off the pages of M.'s five volumes published in Bengali. No attempt has been made to polish or edit Ramakrishna's words. Nothing has been added, nothing taken away in approximately 1,400 pages of text. The translator, Sachindra Kumar Majumdar (1909-1999), was a disciple of Swami Shivananda, the second head of the Ramakrishna Monastic Order. As a young man in Bengal, Mr. Majumdar met M. and soon began experimenting with the translation of Kathamrita into English. The wish to provide an exact and complete rendering of the original script in a manner that would have satisfied M. became almost a life- long challenge for Mr. Majumdar and culminated in this translation when he was in his eighties. Mr. Majumdar was an independent pioneer in the teaching of yoga practices and Vedanta philosophy in the West. For many years in addition to teaching classes and private students, he was a faculty member of the New School for Social Research in New York City. See personal comments by eminent readers of Conversations Conversations With Sri Ramakrishna
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 Sarada Ramakrishna Vivekananda Assoc. of America
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